Summer months have passed and winter months are in. Do you know what that means for your vehicle’s battery?

During the cold months of winter season it is more likely that your battery experience a malfunction.That’s because it is harder for car batteries to provide engines with sufficient power since they require more than the usual to start. This means that while you are driving in cold weather, it is not recharging as quickly as it would in warmer months of the year.

To keep yourself warm, you may use the heater regularly as you would use the air conditioning in the middle of summer. Headlights are used for longer periods of time since daylight is absent sooner in the day in contrast to long summer days. If your vehicle is equipped with heated seats, you might also use those more often than not to stay warm after being outside.

It is evident how these factors can add up and require more power from your battery, which can result in leaving you stranded on the road. How inconvenient! If your battery experiences low power and dies, PCCU Towing will go to you and replace your vehicle’s battery. Don’t stay out in the cold! Contact PCCU Towing to get help on your way now!

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